Dr.Medha Kulkarni has Academic credentials as MD, Ph.D and Post graduate diploma in Ayurveda. She has 30 years of clinical as well as research experience and 20 years of academic experience. She has worked in research and development in R&D devision of well known pharmaceutical company. She has worked as a clinician in Ayurveda and Ayurvedic cancer research

She has guided post graduate as well as doctoral students in their research work projects. She has been sanctioned research grant by Maharashtra Univercity of Health Sciences for a research project on a diet supplement in diabetes.

She has special interest in life style disorders like diabetes and obesity.

She has presented research papers in various conferences and also delivered scientific lectures to international students on diet and yoga in India as well as abrod.

She has successfully organized and coordinated many workshops and conferences on research, diet and yoga.

She has pulished 2 books on diet and publishe 33 articles in various journals including national and international indexed peer reviewed journals. Her book and research articles are awardecd as best book and article. She was a resourse person in various research methodology and medical education technology workshops.

Vision and Mission:

“Pramotion of a positive and healthy life ”


Helping in prevention of diseases

Helping management / Treatment of diseases.

Based on Ayurveda, The science of life from ancient India and application of its principles in today’s lifestyle.


For health motivated people and

Especially for obesity; weight control; cholesterol, pre diabetes; diabetes and heart disease.


Values : Honesty ,hard and sincere scientific approach

Empathy for humanity

Trust and faith in Ayurved

Scientific attitude